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  • Can you help us with a gluten free lifestyle if we do not have Celiac disease?
    Yes! We are all in this gluten free journey together! We just truly want to help anybody that is need of navigating a successful gluten free lifestyle.
  • What is Gluten?
    Gluten is a protein found in wheat and other similiar grains such as Malt, Barley and Rye.
  • What is a Comprehensive Homesweep?
    This is an in-home personalized approach to de-gluten your home and conquering cross contamination. A walk through of your entire household addressing all cross contamination concerns. A customized checklist specializing in: ​ Refrigerator & Pantry items Foods Spices Pots & Pans Cabinets Drawers Silverware Appliances Overall Kitchen Approach Whether you maintain a strict 100% gluten free household or in a shared kitchen, our goal is to give you practial daily tool to set you up for a successful gluten free lifestyle!
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