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Our mission is to help our clients live happy, healthy gluten free lives.


Jamie Berdiner

The Celiac Consultant

Hi! I'm Jamie. A working mom of three children that was diagnosed with Celiac Disease after the birth of my son. Within six weeks, I was excusing myself from life and family events because I was so violently ill. I had two babies under two years old, one in each arm vomiting into a toilet. For months. I was just so very sick, lonely and desperate. I had no clue what GLUTEN was.


Even after my diagnosis, I spent almost two years, still very ill and just defeated. Even after living a very strict gluten free lifestyle. Lugging a double stroller and a list of symptoms to every type of doctor imaginable, I just always left with more hopelessness. I was searching for what no medical professional could give me. I needed someone to come into my home. Show me how to stop cross contaminating, go through my pantry, go grocery shopping with me, help me feed and meal plan for a family of five. I needed daily skills that go into life with a Celiac diagnosis.

It is a journey but through my own personal trials & triumphs and seeing that there was such a desperate need, The Celiac Consultant was brought to life. A place to have unbiased personal support through all the facets of being diagnosed as a Celiac.


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Jamie Berdiner

The Celiac Consultant

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